Regenerating body treatments

Pure wellness pampering

Here, you are in the right hands: in the massage area of the Mini Spa, you will be pampered by our professional masseuse, recharging you with new energy. Your desires come first, and through targeted massage techniques you will be led to a state of total psycho/physical well-being.

Our treatments
Relaxing massage

(25/50 Min.) € 40,00/€ 68,00

Rhythmic and delicate movements offer relief to sore muscles and provide a sensation of total well-being.

Sports massage

(25/50 Min.) € 47,00/€ 72,00

The ideal treatment to stimulate muscles and tissues before and after exercise.

Decontracting massage

(25/50 Min.) € 43,00/€ 70,00

This massage has relaxing effects on your body and soothes muscle pains. It is particularly meant for people suffering of chronical local muscles pain.

Lymphatic drainage

(50 Min.) € 72,00

A soothing massage that relaxes the nervous system and stimulates the lymphatic system with light, circular movements.

Fusion Massage

(25/50 Min.) €47,00/€ 72,00

Revitalizing treatment that offer a healthy glow, while reducing dark spots.


Additional treatments and massages on request.